12 of the best Amazon reviews of the dress

YOU’D have to be living in a cave not to be aware of ‘The Dress’, the blue and black / white and gold creation causing a storm across the world.

By The Newsroom
Friday, 27th February 2015, 3:22 pm
Cecilia Bleasdale (left)  in THE dress with newlyweds Grace and Keir Johnston on Colonsay. Picture: Hemedia
Cecilia Bleasdale (left) in THE dress with newlyweds Grace and Keir Johnston on Colonsay. Picture: Hemedia

A Buzzfeed article about the dress has been shared over 20 million times while the likes of Taylor Swift and Kim Kardashian have got involved in the debate.

The dress is also for sale on Amazon, and as you might imagine has attracted a number of reviews.

We’ve picked out 12 of the best.

1. Perfect Outfit for a Life of Crime

Robbed a bank in this dress. Nobody could agree on a proper description of me. Sketch artist’s head exploded. Got away. Fantastic.

2. Do NOT wear to a wedding

DO NOT WEAR TO A WEDDING. Everyone will be more concerned with what color the dress is than the actual wedding and your cousin will rip out your extensions and scream at you for ruining the best day of her life.

3. Dress doesn’t come as pictured

This dress doesn’t come as pictured. It looks white and gold in the photo, but when I received it, it was black and blue.

4. Five Stars

As an eye doctor, I placed this dress on display outside my office, and business went through the roof!

5. Fooled again - BK ‘tarmac’

I was running short on cash and attempted to pawn the lacy bits to buy food. Turns out I was fooled - they are not gold.

5. I think I saw this dress selling crack to children

This dress is ruining lives, tearing apart homes, smoking pot, killing small animals and essentially mucking up your dinner party. Stop the madness!

6. It’s ruined my life

This dress has ruined my life. Please come back Bernice, I miss you so much. Also, it’s gold and white.

7. Dress to depress

The good: Works equally well as formal or business casual attire.

The bad: Carves a crooked path through perceptual reality and leaves behind it a wake of confusion and existential crises. Also unforgiving on the hips.

8. Gold but black, white but blue

Bought this dress for my girlfriend. She thinks it’s white and gold, but it’s really black and blue. At least that’s what I think.

One or two other people we know seem to have this problem with the dress too. It’d be nice to know for sure. But hey, it’s not like anyone is going to write pages online explaining what’s going on there. I mean, it’s just a dress.

9. I am now friendless

This dress was great. Bought it for my girlfriend and at first she looked amazing. Her whole body was stunning in the blue and black dress. Then all of the sudden the dress turned a hideous white and gold. She went from the hottest girl in the room to this hideous creature that scared small children. All my friends now hate me and my parents told me they wish they had aborted me.

10. Nice blue and black dress

One thing that is pretty cool about this dress is that you quickly see how many of your friends are colour blind.

11. The fight’s over

I was right. My wife was wrong. Have 5 stars.

12. Tricky dress

I thought this dress looked bad on me because my friends couldn’t decide on what colour it really was. In the end, it turns out that men don’t look good in this dress.