Scottish Election results 2021 RECAP: Alex Salmond concedes Alba unlikely to win seats | SNP's Angus Robertson takes Edinburgh Central from Scottish Conservatives | Nicola Sturgeon and John Swinney win constituencies | Labour's Jackie Baillie holds onto Dumbarton | Turnout surges | Interactive constituency map

The count for perhaps the most consequential Scottish Parliament election in history has begun.

Take a look back on the events as they happened throughout the day.

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Live updates on Scotland's election count.

Scottish Election 2021 RECAP: Election results and updates from across Scotland

Last updated: Friday, 07 May, 2021, 20:10

  • Angus Robertson takes Edinburgh Central from Tories
  • Sturgeon plays down chances of SNP majority
  • SNP take Ayr from Tories in tight race
  • Salmond concedes Alba unlikely to win seats
  • SNP gain East Lothian from Labour

Labour’s Ros Jones tweeted that she was “privileged and humbled” after being re-elected Doncaster mayor.

Milling “absolutely delighted” to topple Labour

Conservative Party co-chair Amanda Milling said she is “absolutely delighted” by the result in Hartlepool and said the people in the town “wanted to see change”.

She told the BBC’s Today programme: “This was about change in terms of, for 57 years they’ve had a Labour member of Parliament, they’ve felt like they’ve been taken for granted for that period of time.

“In 2019, again we didn’t win that seat, Labour won the seat again, but you know since the general election we made the promise to the people across the country that we’d get Brexit done, we’ve done that.

“Bearing in mind the people of Hartlepool voted 69.5% to leave the European Union and we have delivered that for them.”

Scottish election 2021: What day will each Holyrood constituency declare a result and when will we know if the SNP wins a majority in Parliament?

This is when each Holyrood seat is expected to declare its election result

Scots will head to the polls on Thursday, May 6, but it could be some time before we know who has won the election.

Scottish election 2021: Covid has made this a strange experience for those hoping to win voters' backing – Christine Grahame

Covid has made this election a strange experience for those hoping to win voters' backing – Christine Grahame

I write this on election day with typical Scottish weather: heavy showers, sunshine and hailstones.

Following Labour’s defeat to the Conservatives in Hartlepool, Steve Reed, shadow secretary for communities and local government, has said his party needs to listen to voters or the “defeats will keep coming”.

Scottish elections 2021: Edinburgh count gets under way with first results expected at teatime

Elections 2021: Counting of votes begins as Edinburgh waits for results

Counting of votes was getting under way this morning as Edinburgh waited for the result of what is seen as one of the most important elections since devolution.

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