Ukip MEP wants less immigration and more breeding

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SCOTLAND’s newly-elected Ukip MEP David Coburn has said the country should breed more rather than allow increased immigration.

Speaking to the Evening News ahead of his dramatic victory in the European elections, Mr Coburn said if there was a need to boost the country’s population the answer lay in more sex rather than more migrants.

Scotland's new Ukip MEP, David Coburn. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Scotland's new Ukip MEP, David Coburn. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Asked about the SNP’s plans for a distinct immigration policy to meet Scotland’s economic needs, he said: “Why don’t we have more children?”

He challenged the idea that there was any need for a population increase, saying: “Scotland is lovely because it’s not full of people. That’s why a lot of people love Scotland.”

Edinburgh Central SNP MP Marco Biagi said Mr Coburn’s comments smacked of communist dictatorships urging citizens to breed “in some sense of patriotic fervour”. He said: “The man needs to connect with real Scotland.”

Population projections suggest Scotland will need more people of working age to balance the future increase in the number of pensioners, whether or not there is independence.

Mr Coburn, though born and educated in Glasgow, has been based in London and his address, read out at the results declaration, was given as Kensington. But he said he was currently renting a flat in Leith and was looking to buy a house in Edinburgh.

He claimed his success meant the “Ukip revolution” had now reached Scotland – though the party’s share of the vote here was 10.4 per cent rather than the 27.5 per cent across the UK.

He claimed more wins would follow. He said: “We’re going to get MPs from Scotland at the next election. We are going to stand as many as we can.

He said it would “make sense” for the party to target former Tory areas, adding: “The Conservative party is dead in Scotland.”

Mr Coburn, who is gay, also said he supported civil partnerships but was opposed to gay marriage as it “breeds homophobia”, adding: “I don’t see the point in crossing the road to pick a fight with people of faith.”

He also said Ukip leader Nigel Farage – who was forced to lock himself in a Royal Mile pub to escape protesters last year and had tight security for a rally at the Corn Exchange earlier this month – was “keen as mustard” to return to Scotland. “Nigel intends to come up a lot more,” he added.

After his election was officially confirmed yesterday, Mr Coburn said: “I will do my best to make sure I highlight the problems of the European Union. When I’m in Brussels I will do my best to make sure Scottish business and Scottish people know the daft schemes they’re cooking up there to make our lives infinitely more awkward. My second mission will be to make myself redundant. I want to get out of the European Union at the first available opportunity.”

David Coburn on . .


“I utterly oppose wind farms, they don’t do any good, they are incredibly expensive, they put up the price of a three-bar electric fire for the pensioners of Scotland and they make a lot of lairds rich at the expense of poor people.

“I’m the greenest person you could ever get – I’m mega-keen on compost heaps and wormeries.

“But you wouldn’t be happy if someone plonked a great big German propeller next to your house that you spent a lot of money buying.”


“Civil partnership should be enough. Gay marriage breeds homophobia and takes back gay liberation – people are happy enough to tolerate what gay people do and their relationships but I don’t think they are happy to have their noses rubbed in it over marriage.”


“Like Nigel Farage, I believe it should be looked into. Criminalisation of it, a bit like alcohol in Chicago in the 1920s, just breeds crime. All the police in the drugs squads I’ve spoken to say all they do is push the prices up, they don’t actually stop it.

“I’ve never taken drugs in my life. For years we’ve been trying to stop it. We’d be much better treating it as a health problem, they way we treated cigarettes - persuade people it’s a very unhealthy occupation.”


“We have to stop the EU open-door immigration policy it is putting pressure on houses, schools, jobs.

“If the SNP is a nationalist party I’ll eat my hat. What nationalist party wants to import lots and lots of people into the country and change the nature of it?”


SCOTLAND’S six seats go to the SNP’s Ian Hudghton and Alyn Smith, Labour’s David Martin and Catherine Stihler, Tory Ian Duncan and Ukip’s David Coburn. Lib Dem George Lyon lost his place.

The SNP topped the poll with 389,503 votes to Labour’s 348,219 – but the Nationalists’ 28.9 per cent share of the vote was marginally down on last time.

Labour’s vote increased from 20.8 to 25.9 per cent, the Tories’ rose from 16.8 to 17.2, while the Lib Dems plummeted from 11.5 to 7.1 and the Greens jumped from 7.3 to 8 per cent.

Ukip’s 140,534 votes amounted to a 10.4 per cent share of the vote – up from 5.2 per cent last time, but nowhere near the 27.5 per cent they took at UK level.