Ukip MEP warned to expect closer scrutiny

David Coburn. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
David Coburn. Picture: Phil Wilkinson
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SCOTLAND’S newly-elected Ukip MEP has been warned to expect closer scrutiny now he is an elected politician.

The warning comes after David Coburn said Scotland did not need more immigration to meet the nation’s skills gap and the answer lay in people having more children.

The Evening News revealed yesterday that Mr Coburn, who won a surprise victory in last week’s European Parliament elections, believed more sex rather than more migrants was the way to boost Scotland’s population.

Asked about the need for more people of working age to balance the projected increase in pensioners, he said: “Why don’t we have more children?”

But his remarks were widely condemned.

And SNP MEP Alyn Smith said: “Mr Coburn will learn quite quickly that his intellect and consistency will be scrutinised as a politician and servant of the electorate.

“I hope he will improve his contribution.”

Mr Coburn became one of Scotland’s six MEPs when Ukip won 10.4 per cent of the votes and ousted the Lib Dems.

He is openly gay but opposes gay marriage, claiming it “breeds homophobia”, and adding: “I don’t see the point in crossing the road to pick a fight with people of faith.”

He also backed a review of drug laws, arguing they should be treated as a health problem in the same way as cigarettes had been.

Meanwhile, Ukip has suspended one of its newly elected councillors in England less than a week after scoring big gains in the local elections.

Dave Small, elected to Redditch Borough Council in Thursday’s elections last week, will now be investigated amid claims he posted racist and homophobic remarks on social media.