‘Underpaid’ Provost claims £5000 clothing expenses

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THE Provost of Midlothian has spent more than £5000 on clothes at the expense of the taxpayer in the past three years, it has been claimed.

Adam Montgomery is said to have spent £2000 in expenses in one shop in London, and bought two suits for £840 each from Crombie in George Street.

Colin Beattie, SNP opposition leader for Midlothian, said: “He should pay back the difference between his luxury clothes and the price of an ordinary suit from Marks and Spencer.”

But Mr Montgomery said: “I am not bleeding the council dry. I think I am underpaid. I’m quite relaxed about the fact I claim a clothing allowance.”

In 2010, Mr Montgomery was criticised for submitting a £60 mileage claim to buy an £890 kilt on expenses.

He travelled to McCallum Highland Wear of Kilmarnock to buy the garment, which had been designed for Kilmarnock Football Club, who he supports.