Union to consult council staff on fight for pay rise

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UNION chiefs are to consult council workers over how to step up their fight for a pay rise.

The GMB said it would be asking its members across Scotland what they want the union to do over the second year of a pay freeze and to promote the demand of a “living wage”.

Earlier this year, GMB Scotland and other local government unions lodged a claim for an across-the-board £1000 increase this year and the introduction of the living wage of £7.20 per hour in every council.

The Convention of Scottish Local Authorities (Cosla) said there would be a second year of the pay freeze.

Alex McLuckie, GMB Scotland’s public sector senior organiser, said: “The decision of the Cosla not 
to increase pay is driving down the living standards of all local government employees and is making it difficult for many to make ends meet.

“We know local councils are facing cuts, but a pay freeze is not the answer. We want an across-the-board pay rise for every employee, because another pay freeze is another pay cut.

“Low pay is a serious issue in local government. Fair pay is a matter of economic justice. GMB will consult members on how to step up the fight.”