‘Usain Bolt couldn’t understand my Scottish accent’, says Games worker

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THE woman tasked with checking Usain Bolt’s starting blocks has revealed how the fastest man on the planet didn’t understand her accent.

Melissa Roberts, 23, of Dalkeith, was chosen by the Olympic committee to be an official at the London Games and on Saturday was markswoman at the men’s 100m semis and final.

She said: “It was pretty nerve-wracking knowing so many people are watching you. You can see yourself on the big screen, too, which is quite strange.

“I actually had a chat with Usain Bolt about the 200m. He was joking that he couldn’t understand my Scottish accent. I asked what was wrong with it and he just laughed.

“He’s such a nice man, he always takes the time to chat to the guys who carry his things. All of the Jamaican competitors are very friendly.”

Mum Pam, 43, of Dumfries, said: “The whole family is so proud of her.”