‘Very harsh’ - Edinburgh reacts as 105 drivers caught breaking 20mph in first police crackdown

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Readers have been reacting after the Evening News revealed more than 100 drivers were caught breaking Edinburgh’s 20mph limit in the first major police crackdown.

A speed camera van recorded 105 motorists speeding on Ocean Drive in Leith over just four hours.

Mobile cameras have been deployed on Ocean Drive. Picture: Safety Cameras Scotland

Mobile cameras have been deployed on Ocean Drive. Picture: Safety Cameras Scotland

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Some were doing under 30mph and others more than 40mph.

Police said they would receive fixed-penalty £100 fines and three points on their licence, or be reported for prosecution.

It came at the start of a three-month deployment of mobile speed camera vans in the street beside Leith docks.

And it’s the first major operation to enforce the city-wide 20mph limit, which was completed last year, as fixed speed cameras are not currently calibrated to detect speeds below 30mph.

The speeders were caught during two two-hour deployments last week. It means that, on average, a driver was caught every two minutes and 17 seconds.

Evening News readers have today been reacting to the figures with mixed views.

One reader, Louise Wilson, said: “Clearly if there are that many people getting done maybe the message isn’t clear. I have no idea what roads are 20 and what roads are 30. Maybe ECC (Edinburgh City Council) need to be using this to educate, as that many people shouldn’t happen to if everyone was clear about the roads.”

Chantelle Cramb, said: “The 20mph speed limit is a joke. Quiet streets yes but how can Craigentinny Road be a 20? Takes about a year to drive along.

She added: “Could name like a 100 street names that shouldn’t be a 20.”

But Naomi Mackay said: “It saves lives, also hopefully encourage people to use public transport instead.”

Some readers were also eager to know how many drivers were caught doing a speed between 20mph and 30mph, which police did not disclose.

Craig Fraser said: “3 points and £100 for driving at what was previously an acceptable speed. Very harsh.”

However many readers said there is no excuse to be breaking the speed limit.

Melissa Rao said: “Look at awe these people moaning, “signs aren’t big enough” “fleecing us out of money.” If everyone does the speed limit then what’s the problem? There really is no excuse!”

Gordon Brown said: “If you can’t tell where the 30 and 20 zones are you shouldn’t really be on the road as they’re clearly sign posted, big white numbers on the road and the stupid cardboard cut outs round the lampposts.

“If you can’t tell you need your eyesight tested.”

And Bob Gartland said: “The speed limit is 20mph if you get caught speeding I have no sympathy for you pay the fine and learn to drive at the correct speed or run the risk of losing your license.”

Paul Kershaw said: “I can understand city centre and residential roads being 20mph, outskirts roads shouldn’t be, especially after peak times... No traffic in sight and crawling along.

“They should regulate speed limits on the outskirt roads like they do bus lanes, 20mph at peak hours and back to 30pmh at quiter times of the day/ night.”

Some readers also believe the 20mph clampdown is simply a money-making exercise.

Steven Hogan said: “What a total farce that road has absolutely no need for a 20mph limit, shows that all Edinburgh Council / police really interested in is the £££. Total disgrace.”

Ryan Sives said: “Any way to make money out of us.”

Ali Wilson said: “‘Revenue Cameras’ rather than ‘Safety Cameras’ I’d say.”

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