Vets save terrier who swallowed 22 bobbles

Lynn Redpath and Cooper. Picture: Malcolm Cochrane
Lynn Redpath and Cooper. Picture: Malcolm Cochrane
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A YORKSHIRE Terrier who swallowed 22 elastic hair bobbles and a button has been saved by charity vets.

Cooper was rushed to the PDSA’s pet hospital in Edinburgh when he started being sick. X-rays revealed a large mass in his stomach, so vets took a swift decision to operate.

They found the hair bobbles and button blocking the entrance to his intestines, which could have been fatal.

PDSA vet Jennifer Lee, who treated Cooper, said: “Poor Cooper’s tummy was in a mess, the bands were very tangled.”

Cooper’s owner Lynn Redpath, from Polbeth, West Lothian, said: “We knew that Cooper liked to play with hair bands – little did we know he’d been secretly snaffling them.”

After an hour-long operation, Cooper made a good recovery and was able to go home with Lynn the following day.