Victim of sex attacker slams decision to treat him in hospice

Robert Clyde. Picture: Lesley Donald
Robert Clyde. Picture: Lesley Donald

A VICTIM of a serial sex offender has slammed the decision to grant him hospice care, saying “my life is miserable compared to him being nursed with dignity, he should die in jail”.

Linda Duke, who is originally from Edinburgh but now lives in England, suffered ten years of horrific abuse at the hands of rapist Robert Clyde, starting when she was just six years old.

Linda Duke

Linda Duke

The 49-year-old contacted the Evening News after reading about the decision to release Clyde from Saughton prison into the Marie Curie Hospice in Frogston, so he can receive treatment for a “brain illness”.

Clyde is originally from Ireland but was living in Niddrie when he was caught by police in 2013, after repeatedly raping a woman over two days at his home.

Police delved into the Irishman’s past and uncovered evideVictimnce that he began molesting four young girls over a 40-year period starting in 1970.

They also discovered he assaulted two boys – one who was aged just four when the attacks began – for a period of 16 years.

Linda has decided to forgo her victim’s right to anonymity as she feels so strongly that an injustice has been done and Clyde should “die in jail”.

She said: “My views on the first-class treatment my abuser is getting at Marie Curie centre are that it’s despicable to me – he gets love and care every day while I am in turmoil.

“I fight every day with my mental health problems because of what that monster did to me. He abused me sexually, physically and psychologically from the age of six till 16.

“I was a child and didn’t know anything was wrong until I got older, then when I reported him 24 years ago I was labelled a liar.”

Linda said she turned to drugs to try to block out the horror of her ordeal but went into residential rehab when Clyde was eventually jailed and has been clean for four years.

She added: “I cannot be around men I don’t know unless I’m with someone who I trust completely and I never leave my flat unless someone is with me and only if it’s down to the doctors or chemist which are right underneath my house.

“The thought of him getting first-class treatment makes me sick.

“When I was told his bail was refused this made me happy knowing he couldn’t get near any young girls.

“But now he’s probably playing his illness up and loving the hospice.

“I fully believe that it’s horrible he can die in a place with dignity while I suffer every single day with what he did to 

“He even told me if I told anyone I would be called a liar and that’s exactly what happened. He should die in jail with no special treatment.”

A spokesperson for Marie Curie said: “For reasons of patient confidentiality, Marie Curie is unable to confirm any details of individuals in our care.”