Video appeal by Frenchman hoping trace lost love

The Frenchman's Edinburgh girlfriend Kate Morris pictured during their time as a couple
The Frenchman's Edinburgh girlfriend Kate Morris pictured during their time as a couple
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A LOVESICK Frenchman has launched a desperate online bid to trace the love of his life after they were separated at Hogmanay more than 40 years ago.

The retired languages professor, known only as his username “Jpl Pays” has posted several videos featuring loving photographs of the time he spent in the Capital with Kate Morris.

The lovesick Jpl Pays

The lovesick Jpl Pays

The couple dated when they were in their 20s before he went to study abroad following the New Year celebrations in 1971.

In a romantic attempt to trace her more than four decades on, the man who will now be in his 60s, has posted a series of videos on YouTube to trace his former Scottish girlfriend.

In one film, set to a backdrop of photos together, he wrote: “When I met you, you made Edinburgh skies turn into sunshine. Not only were you beautiful but bright, witty and tender.

“You made me the happiest lad on earth. I fell in love with you and Scotland. I should have said more often ‘I love you’. You keep haunting my dreams. I should never have let you take that plane which whisked you away from me.”

Set to the tune of Loch Lomond, messages appear on screen declaring how he regrets parting with Kate and describes how they were separated “by circumstances”.

He fondly remembers how Kate lived in Queen’s Crescent, Edinburgh, and worked at her uncle’s hairdressing salon near The Meadows. They met while he worked as a languages assistant – a job which caused him to move to Spain, then Germany to study – while Kate moved to Aberdeen during which time they lost contact.

Describing Kate as his “Edinburgh lass”, she visited him in Clermont-Ferrand, in the Auvergne region of France, during their time together.

Photos in the film appear to have been taken at different locations in Scotland and France. There are no photos of what the mystery man looks like now although he admits he “no longer looks like this”.

He said he remembers Kate had a sister called Mary who was divorced and that she was friends with another woman called Frances Corser.

The video stunt is the latest of numerous appeals online, asking people to pass on any information they may have about Kate. He called on those who read his pleas to broadcast them all over the UK.

The man admits his one-time girlfriend could be married and he might have make-do with being friends after he was “a fool not getting on my knees”. In another online message, apparently from the same man, he wrote: “I could hardly get over losing her, but my love for her never died and I hope she still feels a little for me as a friend.”

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