Video: Asda to help you exercise while you shop

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Customers at Asda Chesser are being encouraged to lunge, bum clench and squat their way round the aisles by health experts offering tips on how to “work out while you shop”.

Tricep dips to help banish those bingo wings and side lunges to tighten up those thighs are just some of the exercises that shoppers are being asked to try while they pick up their weekly essentials.

A squat when reaching for these lower shelf items helps strengthen and tone your legs and glutes. Picture: Ian Georgeson

A squat when reaching for these lower shelf items helps strengthen and tone your legs and glutes. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Today the store has teamed up with local gym, Nuffield Health, and personal trainer, Jennifer Innes, 23, from Gorgie, to whip customers into shape.

And if the innovative plan proves popular, it could be rolled out to other stores across Edinburgh and the Lothians.

Jennifer said: “Clients often ask me how they can incorporate some simple exercises into their daily routine and this works perfectly. They are simple exercises to do, there are no press-ups in the aisles. A little added exercise and toning here and there can make a real difference. Daily exercise helps to prevent injury and working your core is very important.”

Several exercises have been devised by Jennifer to allow shoppers to easily work their core muscles by squatting instead of bending over to reach those lower shelves and slipping in a few calf raises as they strain for those hard to reach items.

Asda Chesser’s community life champion, Linda Anderson, believes both staff and customers will embrace the idea as none of the exercises are too demanding.

She said: “Whether you’re just popping in or doing your weekly shop, there are tips to suit everyone, from the way you carry your basket to more discreet moves such as bum clenches as you’re walking.

“We know a lot of our customers are always busy and in a rush so these tips are a great way to keep fit on the go.”

She added: “Hopefully it’ll add a bit of excitement to 

With Scotland now tipping the scales as one of the fattest countries in the world, experts believe such measures are vital to help people reach Government guidelines which stipulate adults should aim to do 20 minutes of exercise a day. Kevin McLaren, sales and marketing manager of Nuffield Health, added: “I think it’s good to see supermarkets encouraging exercise among their customers.”