Video: Edinburgh, A Pavement’s View

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Looking at Edinburgh from a unique viewpoint makes for an interesting video as the famously photogenic Capital is seen in a new light thanks to an Edinburgh photographer.

The video is the work of Chris Johnston, who was looking to do something a little out of the ordinary.

Edinburgh: A Pavement's View by Chris Johnston

Edinburgh: A Pavement's View by Chris Johnston

“As an amateur photographer, and I’ve heard a lot of professionals say that you need to try something different,” he says. “So I thought of typical Edinburgh shots but with a different perspective. It’s good to take things from a different angle - there aren’t many people who would get on the ground to see the Castle!

“I only started taking the photography seriously in the last two years, and I’ve been doing the ground shots since the start of this year. In making a video out of them it’s good to look back and see some of the shots again.”

You can see more of Chris’ work at, but in the meantime, how many famous sights can you identify from the ground?