Video: Edinburgh taxi driver stuns passenger with his incredible singing

THE HUNT is on for a mystery Edinburgh taxi driver who has been dubbed the Barry Manilow of cabbies.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 10th February 2016, 3:39 pm
Updated Wednesday, 10th February 2016, 6:54 pm
The unknown cabbie belted out a Manilow hit.
The unknown cabbie belted out a Manilow hit.

Steven Worbey caught a ride home last month when his driver suddenly and unexpectedly burst into song.

Steven, 44, started to film on his mobile and managed to capture the cabbie’s mesmerising performance.

After uploading the video to YouTube, the search is on to discover the identity of the unknown driver, whose voice is said to rival that of the Copacabana singer.

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The unknown cabbie belted out a Manilow hit.

In the two-minute clip, the cabbie can be heard playing a backing track to Manilow’s hit song Every Single Day as he drives through the city.

Throughout the journey, he belts out the lyrics to the tune - even hitting the high notes and holding the long crescendos.

He continues singing even as the taxi hits potholes, turns corners and navigates the dark streets - and also throws in a few hand gestures to accompany the song.

His most impressive feat is holding a seven-second long note near the end of the video, which he belts out with gusto.

The unknown cabbie belted out a Manilow hit.

At one point, Steven can be heard saying “I think you’re amazing” as he moves his phone closer to the driver to pick up a better sound.

He uploaded the video with the caption: “Who is this driver? He sounds just like Barry Manilow and drives around Edinburgh with his own backing tracks.

“I happened to be lucky to get in one night and captured his singing on my phone.”

In the video it is too dark to make out any features of the mysterious driver, and at no point does he pause his entertainment to speak normally.

One amazed viewer said that the cabbie’s singing was so good he should take it up as a full-time career.

Bob Stark wrote: “Amazing, you sound so much like Barry Manilow it’s scary.

“You should be singing for a living...I would pay to see you. You’re brilliant and it’s not easy to sing and drive as well.”