Video: Lifeboat crew saves kayakers

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Two kayakers were rescued off the coast of North Berwick after their kayaks capsized.

North Berwick’s RNLI lifeboat crew and Coastguard rescue team were scrambled after a 999 call from onlookers just after 1.30pm on Sunday afternoon.

The video shows the rescue. Picture: RNLI

The video shows the rescue. Picture: RNLI

The crew captured the rescue on video, finding one man in the water who had been separated from his kayak. Once he was on board the crew found the second casualty, who was trying to paddle the two kayaks back to shore. The crew took both men on board the lifeboat with the kayaks in tow and headed back to the station.

Once back on shore the two victims were treated for the effects of the cold and given safety advice.

Helmsman Niall Grant said: “Both casualties were lucky that members of the public spotted them and called 999. When you set out to sea it is important to have a way of contacting the coastguard should you get into difficulties, always check the weather forecast and tell someone ashore about your intentions.”