Video: Meet Harmony, the sex robot with a Scottish accent

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Harmony is a blend of artificial intelligence, cutting-edge robotics and sexual companion, just don’t call her a sex bot.

A robotic sex doll with a soothing Scottish accent is going through its final stages of testing before release in 2018.

Harmony is leading the next generation of artificial sexual companions from Californian company Realbotix.

Her creator, Matt McMullen, told The Sun he found her Scottish accent to be “authentic”, but the $15,000 (£11,100) doll can support multiple personalities, all finely tuned through a customer smartphone app.

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Her advanced AI helps her communicate beyond sexual conversations and pillow talk. In the video above you can hear Harmony tell Realdoll Facebook Live viewers, “Certainly I am a robot and I am capable of having sex, but to call me a sex robot is like calling a computer a calculator.”

For more moments of sass, watch the video above and tell us what you make of Harmony’s Scottish accent.