Video: Nagging mum clip becomes internet hit

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A NAGGING mum has become an unlikely internet hit after a short film of her berating her son went viral on the internet.

Duncan Cowles left a camera on his computer running as his mother came into his bedroom and started a lengthy moan about why he needed to get a new lamp.

Duncan Cowles is nagged by his mum. Picture: Comp

Duncan Cowles is nagged by his mum. Picture: Comp

The 23-year-old graduate from Currie, who says barely a word during the video, posted the footage online and was astonished when it notched up a whopping 400,000 views in just a few hours.

The film – The Lady with the Lamp – has since been shown at festivals around the world and will be screened at the Edinburgh Filmhouse next month.

Fans of the clip say it strikes a chord with parents and ­children around the world who have experienced nagging.

The three minutes and 49 seconds clip shows Duncan looking at a computer screen as his mother, Helen Cowles, 60, comes in holding a lamp. Her monologue begins: “You know that light of yours, it wouldn’t cost a lot to get a new one that didn’t wangle and wasn’t so hot to touch and everything.”

Holding up the newly-bought lamp, she says: “I’ve just got this one for under a tenner.”

Undeterred by Duncan’s mumbled, one-word replies, she goes on: “I think that’s a terrible lamp, don’t you? It gets so hot. And the only way you can switch it off is at the lamp, at the hot bit.

“I burned my fingers on this before.”

A deadpan description on YouTube says: “Living at home when you’re 21 has its downsides.”

Last night Duncan said his mum has taken her new-found internet fame in her stride.

And he believes the secret to the video’s success is the fact it reflects conversations between parents and their children the world over.

He said: “It’s so universal. A lot of people see their own mum in my mum. Your mum kind of gets in the way a little bit but in a nice way.

“I think people find it funny, they like the lack of response I give.”

He said his mum, a former primary school teacher, grew to enjoy the video’s success.

He said: “I think at first she was a wee bit embarrassed. She’s aware all these people have watched it. She doesn’t mind, she enjoys sending it to her mates.”

One fan posted on YouTube: “This is hilarious!

“I don’t think he was being rude at all, just making a point that he could just say ­nothing and his mother, like all mothers, would carry on being fussy and cute.”

Duncan’s latest project, titled Radio Silence, is a ­documentary in which he ­examines his relationship with his father.