Volunteers pick up 4kg of chewing gum from Ben Nevis

Ben Nevis on a clear day. PIC: Contributed.
Ben Nevis on a clear day. PIC: Contributed.
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Around 4kg of chewing gum has been collected from Ben Nevis during a clean up.

An empty bag of peanuts dating from the 1980s was also among the haul of rubbish taken from the mountain at the weekend.

In total, 21 bags of litter were removed from Ben Nevis weighing a total of 121kg.

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A report from the volunteer team said their finds included “tissues galore, banana peel, orange peel, bottle tops, tampons and panty liners, sweet wrappers, foil, crisp and sandwich wrappers, plaque, some flags, bits of walking poles (including one whole one) more tissues, pasta pots, and some very old tin can drinks, mostly just the tops as the bodies had rusted to nothing.

“The most ridiculous find was the chewing gum that Hazel concentrated on. One whole bag full this time...We joked that she should keep the gum she finds in her shed and can sell tickets to see the world’s largest used gumball.”

An old small horseshoe was also found which possibly belonged to one of the ponies that worked the path for the old Ben Nevis Observatory where weather data was collected in the early 20th Century.

The clean up was organised by the Real3Peaks Challenge with Ben Lomond, Ben Macdui and Lochnagar also targeted over the weekend.

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At Lochnager in Deeside, a total 13.4Kgs of rubbish was collected - including an almost full tube of Pringles.

Volunteers at Ben Macdui in the Cairgorms braced gusts of 74mph to collect 9kg of litter. The bulk of the load was a whole abandoned tent, which weighted around 6.5kg.

A total of 570kg (1,256lbs) of waste was taken off seven peaks across the UK, including Scafell Pike and Snowdon, by 109 volunteers.

Organiser Rich Pyne said it was “not a bad day out” for the 109 volunteers who took part in the nationwide clean-up.