Volunteers root out invader

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A “FOREIGN invader” is being driven from Davidson’s Mains Park by a group of hardy 

The Himalayan balsam plant has become common in the park and is known to inhibit the growth of native species.

This week a group from The Conservation Volunteers has been busy pulling up the plant, which has a explosive mechanism for scattering its seeds, in a bid to stop it spreading.

Warnings complete with pictures of the plant have now been put up on park 
noticeboards to encourage visitors to remove them before they set seed.

Eunice Smith said: “In some parts of the woodland many, many plants remain and are now above head-height, with some located in a forest of 

“The plant does not pose any known threat to health. Anyone can help in the battle to control the spread of this plant by pulling it up, including the root, before it flowers and can set seed. Remember the nettles so don’t forget to wear gloves.”