Warning after capital smash and grab raids

Richard Bee of Baberton Mains Park by the damaged passenger side window of his wife's car
Richard Bee of Baberton Mains Park by the damaged passenger side window of his wife's car
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RAGING residents have warned others to be on their guard after a spate of smash and grab raids in their neighbourhood.

Up to ten cars were targeted over two nights last week in Baberton – with windows shattered and items stolen.

Pharmaceuticals salesman Richard Bee urged others to be aware after his wife’s small minivan was one of those damaged – just to steal a coat.

“People should be reminded not to leave anything on show,” said father-of-one Mr Bee, 36.

“All they stole was a jacket, just a jacket – it’s bizarre.”

The Vauxhall Mireva belonging to Mr Bee’s wife Jennifer, 37, was targeted overnight on Wednesday while parked outside their Baberton Mains Park home.

“I came down in the morning and there was a card pushed through the door – apparently the police had been chapping on the door at 4.55am,” said Mr Bee.

Thieves smashed the passenger side window of the 
Bees’ motor before making off with a Trespass coat left on the seat.

“It was a £75 jacket,” said Mr Bee. “I’m just off the phone to the insurance company and we’ll have to pay the excess of the same amount for the window.”

Even more galling, Mrs Bee had to take the day off from her job as a radiographer at Western General to wait for the glass repair firm.

Mr Bee was told of another couple of cars being targeted in nearby Baberton Mains Gardens the previous night.

Again windows were shattered and either loose change or low-value property stolen from inside the car.

“None of the cars have been stolen or moved,” said Mr Bee. “Just windows smashed and anything on show taken.”

More cars were targeted in Baberton Mains Crescent on the same night the Bees’ Mireva was hit – as well as others on Baberton Mains Park

“I was sweeping up shattered glass outside and got told there were others further down the street,” said Mr Bee.

“They even managed to get into a workman’s van but didn’t take any of his tools – they’d just taken some change.

“I was told we were the third car that morning and I’ve spoken to police and they told me there’s been about ten done in all,” added Mr Bee.

Police confirmed a suspect has been arrested and charged in relation to the thefts and was expected to appear at Edinburgh Sheriff Court on Friday.

A spokeswoman said: “Police in Edinburgh have arrested and charged a 48-year-old man following a series of thefts from motor vehicles in the Baberton and Clovenstone areas of Wester Hailes. Officers were called to Baberton Mains after a member of the public reported a man behaving suspiciously in Baberton Mains.”

“Further information about keeping your car and personal belongings safe can be found on the Police Scotland website.”

Anyone victims of vehicle crime can report it to police on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.