Warning tartan tat could hit economy

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THE “mis-selling” of Scottish history on the Royal Mile could damage the product forever, it has been warned.

Rodger Moffet, the chief executive of a website documenting the history of Scottish Clans, said authorities needed to address tartan tat both on the high street and online.

The author and founder of the Scot- Clans site claimed selling cheap alternatives to authentic Scots products could hit the economy.

He said: “The mis-selling of clan-related goods, over the internet and on the high street, is tarnishing the worldwide Scottish brand.

“Our Highland wear is famous all over the world, with proud Scots showing off their clan-related products in every corner of the globe.

“However, how many of these proud Scots are actually wearing the genuine article?

“It is now commonplace for cheap imitations to be passed off as genuine, and something has to be done about this.”