Soaring temperatures set to bring Scotland's hottest day of the year

Soaring temperatures will put Scotland on course to record its hottest day of the year so far this week -  even putting parts of southern England in the shade.

Sunday, 12th May 2019, 12:17 pm
Portobello beach during a heatwave

Northern spots like Aviemore and the Moray Firth have been tipped to produce something in excess of this year’s current record of 24.8C (76F) recorded at Floors Castle in Aberdeenshire on Good Friday.

Parks and beaches are expected to be popular, with conditions similar to the record-breaking Easter Weekend.

Craig Snell of the Met Office said:”If you are lucky enough to have the week off, Scotland is going to be warm and very sunny this week.

“It’s a huge improvement on what we have had in May so far and will make places in England seem distinctly chilly.”

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While Scotland will enjoy temperatures sizzling in the mid-70’s Fahrenheit, London and the Home Counties will have to get by in the low 60’s.

Spectacular storms in the United States have forced a kink in the jetsteam, the ribbon of air high in the atmosphere which effectively determines our weather. Until now, we have been on the northerly side of the Jetstream, drawing in air from the Arctic.

This change has allowed an area of high pressure to become anchored over Scotland, drawing warm weather up from Iberia.

England, however, will experience wind from a south easterly direction, which means the source will be a still-cool continent.

Mr Snell of the Met Office added:”It is looking like a good chunk of Scotland will see temperatures increase day-on-day this week.

“The sunshine we are seeing today is what we can expect through to the latter part of the week.

“Even eastern coastal spots which would normally feel a bit cooler will share in the higher temperatures.

“It’s going to be a nice spell of weather, typical of what May normally produces in Scotland.

“Of course, it always comes with its hazards. We expect pollen levels to be high to moderate, which is bad news for sufferers of hay fever.

“And UV levels are going to be high as well, so people should take sensible precautions in the sunshine.”

The Moray Firth and Aviemore are forecast to produce the country’s highest temperatures, with 23C or 24C (73-75F) possible by Wednesday.

Cities like Glasgow and Edinburgh could still bask in 21C (70F), which should be enough to tempt office workers into parks and squares for their lunch time sandwich.

Three day forecast:

Monday: Widespread sunshine, with possible high cloud. Risk of shower in far west. Max 21C (70F) Min 1C (33F)

Tuesday: Temperatures building, particularly in north. Sunny for most. Max 22C (72F) Min 3C (37F)

Wednesday: Hottest day of week. Bright and sunny almost everywhere. Max 24C (75F) Min 3C (37F)