Storm Ali: A timeline of how it will hit Edinburgh

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Edinburgh will feel the full force of Storm Ali as it sweeps across Scotland tomorrow.

The Met Office has issued an amber "be prepared" warning for wind across a large strip of central Scotland, due to last between 8am and 5pm tomorrow. A yellow "be aware" warning will be in force across all of Scotland until 10pm.

Met Office spokeswoman Bonnie Diamond said that gusts of between 65mph and 75mph could hit Edinburgh, adding: "Winds will start to pick up in the morning but they will really strengthen by lunchtime.

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"Gusts in the amber zone will typically range between 65mph and 75mph but could reach 85mph on higher ground."

Here is a Wednesday weather timeline for Edinburgh;

7am-10am - Heavy rain during the morning rush hour. Max temperature: 12C. Max wind speed: 15mph. Max wind gust: 29mph

The amber warning covers a large swathe of central Scotland.

The amber warning covers a large swathe of central Scotland.

10am-1pm - Lighter rain. Max temperature: 14C. Max wind speed: 27mph. Max wind gust: 51mph

1pm - Light rain with sunny intervals. Max temperature: 14C. Wind speed: 30pmh. Wind gust: 58mph

2pm - Light rain with sunny intervals. Max temperature: 13C. Wind speed: 32mph. Wind gust: 61mph (highest prediction)

3pm-6pm - Heavier rain again. Max temperature: 13C. Max wind speed: 30mph. Max wind gust: 58mph

Amber weather warning ends at about 5pm but yellow "be aware" wind warning remains in place until 10pm.

6pm-9pm - Light rain with sunny spells. Max temperature: 11C. Max wind speed: 23mph. Max wind gust: 44mph.

9pm-midnight - Light cloud. Max temperature: 10C. Max wind speed: 20mph. Max wind gust: 40mph.

Overnight Wednesday into Thursday;

Winds speeds will stay fairly constant at around 20mph throughout the night and into Thursday morning, with gusts of about 40mph. However, by about lunchtime on Thursday the winds are expected to die down.