Weather at COP26: What will the weather in Glasgow be like during COP26 and will it rain?

Prepare for the climate event of the year by staying aware of the weather during COP26.

COP26 is just around the corner now and protesters and delegates alike are preparing for the two-week long climate conference.

Scotland is known for its changeable weather and attendees coming from all over the world are due to see a full spectrum of what Glasgow weather has to offer at this time of year.

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The Met Office has updated their long-term weather forecast ahead of COP26, so we can get a sense of what to expect.

Here’s what kind of weather you should expect in Glasgow during COP26 and what it could mean for the climate summit.

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What will the weather be like in Glasgow during COP26?

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Weather is expected to be unsettled as COP26 gets off the ground on October 31st.

Heavy rainfall is predicted for the west of Glasgow, with brief dry interludes.

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Some overnight fog is expected as well, although temperatures should be fairly mild, staying around 10 degrees Celsius.

In the second week of COP26, from November 8th, more rain and showers are expected across Glasgow.

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Once again, this will hit the west more heavily than other areas.

The nights will also begin to get colder, with risk of early morning frost and increased chance of mist and fog in the evenings.

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How will the weather affect COP26?

While the majority of COP26 discussions and official events will take place inside, away from the Glaswegian elements.

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However, the weather may make protesting trickier, with a global demonstration planned for November 6th and more events expected throughout the fortnight.

Thousands are expected to take to the streets in a range of different climate protests.

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Not only might the weather affect these protests, but it may also exacerbate existing travel pressures.

Road closures in Glasgow is putting public transport lines under pressure and causing expected delays across Glasgow, Edinburgh, and the entire central belt of Scotland.

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On top of this, ScotRail employees are planning a strike during COP26 which will add to the problems still further.

Rainy or foggy weather may well slow down the transport routes that are still running, so it’s advisable to leave plenty of time for your travel plans during COP26.