What a load of rubbish: Campers blamed for turning Cramond Island into a dump

Empty bottles abandoned on Cramond Island
Empty bottles abandoned on Cramond Island
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CRAMOND Island has become a dumping ground for cheap tents and sleeping bags, it has emerged, with campers blamed for turning the popular visitor attraction into an eyesore.

The tourist attraction, owned by the Dalmeny Estate, has become increasingly popular among campers over the years.

Camping equipment has been left

Camping equipment has been left

But community groups are now urging those visiting the island to clean up after 
themselves. And campers were also criticised for dumping rubbish such as broken bottles and piles of litter, spoiling the 
experience for others.

Minutes secretary of the Cramond Association, John Dods, said hundreds of people have been camping on the island over the summer.

“There’s always been at least one or two camping on the island and there was never any bother because the ones who used to camp tended to be there for the Edinburgh Festival, and would clean up after themselves and take their tents away,” he said.

“Now, these folk go over and can’t even be bothered to take their tents away. But if they can be bothered to take them there, they should be bothered to take them back.

“The island can be absolutely filthy and the Cramond Boat Club and various locals, such as myself, go over with polythene bags and cart stuff back, and the council pick it up from the litter bin at the end of the causeway. But that’s the only clean-up that’s done. ”

The price of tents has fallen dramatically in recent years, with a one-person tent now available for as little as £25 and sleeping bags available for under £10.

The tidal island, which lies just off Cramond, is a third of a mile long and covers 19 acres. It is reached by a paved path only exposed at low tide, which often leads to people becoming trapped on the island.

Meanwhile, the chairman of Cramond and Barnton Community Council, Andrew Mather, urged people to remove their rubbish and tents after their camping trips.

He said: “Cramond Island is very much an asset to have in the area and it’s a shame that a few people destroy it with the rubbish they leave behind.

“All one can do is put up notices and plead with people to be decent and bring their stuff back with them.

“The solution is ‘bring it home with you’.”

The Dalmeny Estate was unavailable for comment.