Widow visits ‘future Lawrie Reilly street’

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The widow of Hibs legend Lawrie Reilly has visited a street which it is hoped will be named in honour of her late husband.

Iris Reilly joined SNP councillor Alex Lunn beside Easter Road yesterday to keep up pressure on the council for the Evening News-backed campaign for “Reilly Place”.

Iris Reilly and Alex Lunn at the site yesterday. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

Iris Reilly and Alex Lunn at the site yesterday. Picture: Phil Wilkinson

They hope that growing support for the name will see it accepted when the planning committee makes its final decision on May 15. The council had previously insisted that the former Famous Five striker could not be considered for at least ten years, but made a last-minute U-turn to include it among the options.

Another contender is to name the street after William Thyne, who ran a print-makers behind Meadowbank Stadium. It is hoped that the main street of the new Places for People development, just off Lochend Butterfly Way, will become a homage to Mr Reilly, who died last year aged 84.

And Cllr Lunn said he was keen for streets leading off it to be named after Mr Reilly’s fellow players, Willie Ormond and Eddie Turnbull.

He is hopeful that Gordon Smith and Bobby Johnstone can also be honoured to include the full Famous Five line-up, despite streets elsewhere in the Capital already carrying those names.

Mrs Reilly said she was delighted the campaign, backed by football hero Pat Stanton and former Marillion singer Fish, had gathered so much support. She said: “It seems to be going well. It’s quite an honour to have a street named after you, and Lawrie would be quite chuffed about that. There would only be a certain number of people who know of William Thyne.”

Cllr Lunn said: “This is a working class area, and in terms of working class heroes, you are not going to get much better than the Famous Five.”

He said he wanted to thank fellow councillors for their support – the SNP’s Sandy Howat, Stefan Tymkewycz, Steve Cardownie, and Labour member Gordon Munro. “This is an outstanding opportunity to keep the spirit and memories of the Famous Five alive,” Cllr Lunn added.

Hibs fans who live near Easter Road welcomed the move. Brian Clancy said: “It would be a nice way of remembering the Famous Five.”

Meanwhile, Steve Inglis said: “It’s a good idea, especially in this area.”

And Hibs-mad Dougie Moodie said: “It’s fantastic.”

Wide support for honour

THE campaign for Reilly Place has attracted a raft of support from both Hibs and Hearts fans.

Reilly was the country’s fourth-highest international scorer, netting 238 goals in 355 club matches and 22 goals from 38 caps for Scotland.

He was inducted into the Scottish Football Hall of Fame in 2005.