Willowbraes murder trial: ‘Man detained at scene’

Police closed the area off after the incident. Picture: Joey Kelly
Police closed the area off after the incident. Picture: Joey Kelly
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ONE of the men accused of murdering a 25-year-old by gunning him down in a leafy Edinburgh suburb was detained at the scene, a court heard yesterday

Deputy payroll manager Gregory Martyn, 37. told the High Court in Glasgow that he saw a black man struggling with a policeman and another man lying on the ground.

Mr Martyn was giving evidence at the trial of Mohamud Mohamud, 30, Ahmed Ahmed, 28, Cadil Huseen, 23 , Hussein Ali, 26,, Liban Ahmed – also known as Jama, 30, Said Fadal, 32, and Said Tarabi, 27, who deny murdering 25-year-old Mohamed Abdi in the Duddingston area of Edinburgh on May 26, last year.

The jury heard that the man being held by police was Mohamud.

He told advocate depute Iain McSporran, prosecuting, that he was staying at a house nearby when he was wakened by a loud bang.

Mr Martyn said: “I was half asleep and initially I thought it was the sound of a van going over speed bumps.

“My car was parked in Abercorn Avenue and I thought there might have been an accident.”

He said he opened the front door and looked out and saw a car revving at the junction of Abercorn Avenue and Willowbrae Road.

Mr Martyn told the jury he popped back inside to put his shoes on and when he went outside the car had gone.

He added: “I saw there was a man on the ground, half on the pavement and half on the road.”

Mr Martyn told the jury he then saw a policeman talking to a man in a car and added: “I went up to the police officer because there was no one at the man on the ground.

“He went across to the man on the ground and I went across to my car. It was fine.

“There was another police officer putting handcuffs onto a man and he asked me to tell his colleague there was a knife and a broken gluf club lying on the ground.

Mr Martyn was asked what the man being handcuffed was doing and replied: “He was struggling a bit.”

He added that he saw three black men standing on the corner looking down at where the man lying on the ground was and seconds later they had vanished.

Under cross-examination by defence QC Brian McConnachie, representing Mohamud, indicated his client sitting in the dock and asked if he had said anything that night.

Mr McConnachie asked: “Do you remember him saying he had been in the car, but wasn’t driving,” and Mr Martyn replied: “I can’t remember.”

The QC then said: “did he say something about having been drinking all day,” and Mr Martyn replied: “Something like that, I think.”

It is alleged that the seven accused repeatedly fired a sub-machine pistol and a revolver after a car chase along Duddingston Road West, Willowbrae Road and Abercorn Avenue.

The seven are accused of forcing the car occupied by Mr Abdi, Mohamed Farah and Abdulrakim Abdulrahman to stop by colliding with it and repeatedly shooting at the occupants, murdering Mr Adbi and attempting to murder the other two men.

Mohamud and the others are also accused of assault, of being concerned in the supply of cocaine and firearms charges.

All seven deny all the charges against them.

The trial before judge Lord Turnbull continues.