Window cracks close off Edinburgh street

Canning Place was shut until last night. Picture: Scott Taylor
Canning Place was shut until last night. Picture: Scott Taylor
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A CITY-centre street was closed for almost 24 hours –because of a cracked window.

Canning Street, off Shandwick Place, was shut just before 6pm on Thursday after someone spotted a “significant crack” in a window pane on the eleventh floor of Exchange Tower.

There was concern that the window could break, and send lethal shards of glass ­crashing to the ground, potentially putting lives at risk.

It is understood that a tenant of the building reported the crack in the window just after 5pm and informed the building management. A building surveyor was on the scene within ten minutes and police were contacted to inform them of the possible danger to the public.

Officers who attended the site then made the decision to close the street to traffic. An area outside the building was also cordoned off, with signs advising pedestrians of the risk and asking them to walk on the other side of the street.

A Police Scotland spokesman said: “Following concerns raised on Thursday evening regarding damage to an 11th floor window pane at a building in Canning Street, police closed the road overnight to ensure pedestrians and motorists were not at risk from potential falling glass.

“The window was inspected and secured the following morning before the road was reopened.”

A spokesman for Jones Lang LaSalle, which manages the building, said: “Following the detection of a badly cracked external pane of glass on the 11th floor of Exchange Tower, we felt that there was a risk to the public from the possibility of this glass falling to the ground. We subsequently notified the police, who attended the scene and decided to close the street until the panel could be secured.”

A glazier had inspected the window on Thursday night, but it was decided it would be too dangerous to attempt to replace the external pane at night.

A two-man abseil team attended the scene first thing yesterday morning and the window was secured with an adhesive film, which will remain in place until the pane can be fully replaced. The cordon outside the building advising the public of the broken window was still in place on Friday night.

A man working in Exchange Tower, who did not wish to give his name, said: “I saw them abseiling down the building this morning and fixing the adhesive over the window, while another man watched them from the ground. They said it was going to get fixed properly over the next couple of days.”

The entrance to Canning Street from Torphichen Street remained blocked off until around 5pm on Friday evening.