Window fitter dies after fall

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A WINDOW fitter plunged 70ft to his death from a top-floor flat as his brother watched helplessly.

The man, in his 30s, was sitting on the window ledge in Inverleith Row when he lost his balance and fell to the ground.

He tried to grab the sash window he was working on, but it was unable to take his weight and came crashing down on top of him, witnesses said.

Paramedics were called to the rear of the property following the accident shortly after 2pm yesterday, but the window fitter – who has not been named – was pronounced dead at the scene.

Robin Kerr, 43, who works at neighbouring Just Chairs, heard glass shattering and ran to the shared rear garden to see what had happened.

He rang for an ambulance and tried to comfort the brother while they waited for paramedics.

Mr Kerr said: “His main concern was what he was going to tell his mother.

“From what I heard from the brother, he was sitting on the window sill and something happened to make him lose his balance. He grabbed the window and the window went with him. It’s not nice at all. I think the shock took him over for a while.”

He added: “I just heard the shatter of the glass and went out. Unfortunately, I saw him lying there. It was not a nice sight. I knew it wasn’t good as soon as I saw him.”

Police blocked one side of the road as they began their investigations, causing traffic to tail back along Inverleith Row.

Plasterer Stuart Tanner, 30, who was working on a building opposite, said he came out to a sea of blue flashing lights.

He said: “There were two ambulances and two police cars blocking one side of the road so cars from both sides were trying to get past. It was carnage.

“I can’t think how his brother must be feeling now. He looked shaken up when I saw him leave, the poor guy.

“It just shows how easy it is for something like that to happen. I think we’ll all be taking extra care up there now.”

It is not known whether the brothers were wearing safety equipment which is only necessary by law when workmen are working on the outside of a property, above a certain height.

Window fitting specialists Penicuik, which was not involved in the incident, said: “Legally you have to wear a safety harness or use scaffolding once it gets above the third floor of a property.

“It depends how high the flat is but our fitters would generally wear a safety harness if they are fitting anything above that level.”