Witness tells of motorcycle bus stop crash

Emergency workers treat the injured after the crash. Picture: Kris Thorburn
Emergency workers treat the injured after the crash. Picture: Kris Thorburn
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A WITNESS to a motorbike crash which put three people in hospital has spoke of his horror at the scene of “total carnage”.

A motorcyclist and his pillion passenger were badly injured when the bike smashed into a bus shelter, injuring a man waiting at the stop.

All three men were taken to Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where the two riders remain in a serious condition following the incident, which happened on Dalry Road at about 4.40pm on Saturday.

Kris Thorburn, 24, watched on helplessly as the motorbike struck a lamppost, catapulting the pillion rider through the glass screen of the shelter. The impact was so great, the man lost his helmet, suffering a serious head injury. The rider was flung further down the street.

Barman Kris, who is trained in first aid, rushed down from his flat to see if he could help.

He said: “I saw it happen and it looked pretty bad. I think a taxi’s pulled out, they’ve put the brakes on but the speed that they were going, they’ve not managed to stop the bike and they just went straight into the lamppost.

“One of them was lying under the bus stop so I went to help him. I was just holding the guys head, I didn’t want to move him until the ambulance arrived. It took them ten minutes to get there and the police.

“He was unconscious but he kept trying to move his head to his side which is a bad thing to do so I was trying to hold him in the same place. He was just sort of grunting and his eyes were rolling in his head, it was quite freaky.

“He had a really nasty gash on his head, it was just like a big hole that was bleeding. It was quite a nasty one.”

The accident happened directly outside the British Heart Foundation store, which was full of shoppers at the time.

People from the charity shop brought a curtain to wrap the passenger in for warmth and used towels to try to stem the bleeding from his head wound. Others tended to the driver who was also unconscious. An off-duty nurse helped while they waited for police and ambulances to arrive a few minutes later.

Kris said the condition of the driver seemed to deteriorate. The passenger was taken to hospital first while paramedics continued to work on the driver at the scene. By the time he was taken to hospital, he was having trouble breathing.

He said: “When I arrived, he was trying to get up. I don’t if he was unconscious and his body was just reacting but after 15 to 20 minutes when the paramedics arrived he just seemed to get worse. At one point they were holding sheets around him. They’d put a breathing tube down, it didn’t look too hopeful for him.”

The pedestrian was treated for minor injuries and later discharged from hospital.

Police are appealing for witnesses to the incident. Sergeant Alan Stewart, from the road policing unit leading the investigation, said: “Dalry Road was quite busy at the time of the incident and I would appeal for anyone who saw what happened, or the motorcycle just before it crashed, to contact Police Scotland on 101 or Crimestoppers on 0800 555111.”