Woman ‘cowered in phone box’ as her son attacked

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A woman had to seek refuge in a phone box after her son attacked her in the street.

Worried motorists stopped to help when they saw Jane Pacitti lying on the ground with her son Gary standing over her.

He had previously followed her from her home shouting and swearing at her.

Livingston Sheriff Court heard the passers by stood guard over Mrs Pacitti until police arrived as she “cowered away from him” in the telephone box.

Police arrested her 20-year-old son and charged him with behaving in a threatening and abusive manner.

Gary Pacitti pled guilty to shouting and swearing at his mum and grabbing her by the coat during the incident in Livingston, West Lothian, on October 18.

He was sentenced to 12 months social work supervision under a community payback order.

Passing sentence, Sheriff Richard McFarlane expressed surprise that Mrs Pacitti had said she wanted her son back home.

He told the accused: “You now have two previous convictions and there are a number of cases yet to be resolved.

“Emerging from all of this, your mum seems to be keen to have you back after a sustained course of abusive physical conduct on her, so that’s something you should recognize and respect.

“You got this occasion all wrong – you can have a fall-out now and again, but to continue to follow her shouting at her and take hold of her clothing is wholly, wholly unacceptable.”

He said Pacitti would benefit from social work intervention to address the anger which was part of his make-up.