Woman cuts open friend’s artery at party

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A YOUNG woman severed a friend’s artery after throwing a tumbler at him during a “muck about” at a house party.

Linda Livingston tossed the glass after Liam O’Kane deflected her playful attempt to slap his head.

But the glass shattered and sliced open an artery in his face, Livingston Sheriff Court heard.

Blood started gushing from the deep cut and he had to be rushed to hospital to have 14 stitches.

Livingston, 23, from Livingston, yesterday pleaded guilty to culpable and reckless conduct and will be sentenced next month

Stuart Peebles, defending, said Livingston bitterly regretted injuring her friend on March 30.

She sent him a text saying she was “sick with worry”, adding: “The blood coming out of you was scary.”

Sheriff Susan Craig told Livingston she had admitted a “very serious” offence and called for reports on her character. She added: “It’s quite fortunate that no more happened to him. When an artery is cut, very significant consequences can follow.”