Woman jailed after Domino’s delivery driver robbed

The Domino's driver was robbed at knifepoint
The Domino's driver was robbed at knifepoint
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A PIZZA delivery driver was robbed at knifepoint by a woman who ordered a takeaway to her neighbour’s home.

Charlenne McPherson, who was today sent to prison for more than two years, intercepted the driver after the woman next door said she hadn’t ordered the Domino’s meal.

McPherson, 26, asked if the driver had change of a £50 note before following her to her car and threatening her with the blade.

She ignored the 34-year-old’s pleas not to take the cash because it was for her children’s Christmas, Livingston Sheriff Court heard.

McPherson grabbed a bag containing £200 from the central console of the vehicle and ran back inside a house in St Paul’s Drive, Armadale.

Stuart Houston, prosecuting, said police were called and found McPherson still in the house with a bag of coins tucked into her waistband and £200 in her underwear.

McPherson, from Bridgend, pleaded guilty to assault and robbery and was jailed for 28 months. Her solicitor told the court his client was “inebriated and had taken valium” before the incident last month.