Woman left dog tied up for two days of ‘partying’

Bonnie has been nursed back to health
Bonnie has been nursed back to health
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A WOMAN has been banned from keeping animals for life after she abandoned her emaciated dog tied up in a city flat for at least two days while she went “partying”.

Carol Buchanan, 43, abandoned her dog, Bonnie, for at least two days at a rented flat in Liberton’s Pleydell Place in October last year when she went to meet a friend for drinks.

Bonnie was left tie to a kitchen cupboard by Carol Buchanan

Bonnie was left tie to a kitchen cupboard by Carol Buchanan

Using her lead, she tied her to the top of a cupboard door in the kitchen, which restricted her movement to six inches in any direction and prevented her from lying down.

The Scottish SPCA was alerted to Bonnie’s suffering when neighbours heard her howling.

Senior inspector Stuart Murray, who rescued Bonnie with inspector Tracy McNaughton, said: “She was doing a lot of howling – she didn’t like being left, especially in those circumstances with her being tied up like that.

“She couldn’t move any distance in any direction, the lead was pretty tightly tied to the top of the cupboard. She wasn’t going any place.

“Bonnie was emaciated when we rescued her and there was no food or water left in her reach.

“To leave an animal tied up in such a way that it can’t even lie down for several days is horrific.

“She had spent at least two days standing up, which would be a strain on her, especially when she was in an emaciated condition, and there’s also the psychological damage.”

The 51-year-old believes Bonnie hadn’t eaten properly for months.

She was at least 20 pounds underweight and received treatment for malnutrition after being rescued from the flat by the Scottish SPCA.

Mr Murray, who claimed Buchanan was having “too good a time partying” to care for her dog, said Bonnie was “pretty frantic and going crazy” when he approached her.

“Bonnie was emaciated and highly agitated, she was obviously very hungry,” he said.

“When I took her outside she was desperate for something to eat and dehydrated.

“There was a bit of green bread lying on the ground and she walloped that down before I could pull her away.”

Buchanan was convicted of causing her 14-month-old lurcher crossbreed unnecessary suffering by failing to provide an adequate diet and veterinary attention at Edinburgh Sheriff Court last Friday.

Mr Murray said: “We are delighted that Buchanan has received a life ban on keeping animals as she is clearly unfit to provide any animal with the care and attention it needs.

“I’m glad she got a life ban because she probably would’ve got another dog and history would just repeat itself.”

Bonnie was cared for at the charity’s Edinburgh and Lothians Animal Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Balerno before being found a new home.