Woman’s flat flooded in neighbour’s police seige

Caroline Roy's home has been ruined by water flooding in from the flat above'. Picture: Neil Hanna
Caroline Roy's home has been ruined by water flooding in from the flat above'. Picture: Neil Hanna
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A WOMAN has spoken of her nightmare after her high-rise flat was destroyed by a flood from above after her neighbour was involved in a police siege.

The Pilton home of Caroline Roy was devastated and left an inch and a half deep in water after an incident in the flat above hers – which saw police officers surround the building – led to a serious water leak.

It is not clear what caused the flooding although it was suggested taps may have been left running in the upstairs flat, while damage could also have been caused to a water pipe.

Miss Roy, 27, noticed the flooding later that evening, on April 1, and after the flooding became worse she was finally led out by officers at about 9pm after they became concerned for her safety. The damage has rendered her flat uninhabitable.

She said: “My house is completely flooded. I have nothing left. Everything is ruined. I don’t know what has happened but with the amount of damage I would say it could have been a burst water pipe.

“The water was coming through quite fast. I managed to get hold of a police officer. He came down and had a look.”

When the trickle became a flood, Miss Roy placed her beloved cat into a carry case, grabbed some of her most prized possessions including family photos and left her home with a police escort.

Given the volume of water coming into her home, Miss Roy does not believe staying behind to catch the water in buckets would have made any difference to the outcome.

Carpets, clothing and furniture were saturated and the plaster underneath the wallpaper is coming away.

She first became aware of the incident on April 1 when she heard shouting overhead in the afternoon, but it was not until about 8pm that she noticed the water coming down her kitchen door. She said: “It was my cat that alerted me to the sound of water. She was acting really strangely. Her back was up and her tail was all bushy.”

Inspectors from the council are due to visit the flat tomorrow to assess the extent of the damage.

Miss Roy will not know until then whether she will be able to go back, will be put up temporarily in another council house or will have to be rehomed.

The city council offered to put Miss Roy up in a bed and breakfast but she decided to stay with her boyfriend in Livingston.

She said: “I’m frightened to leave the house. I want to be a carer but I’m not ready to look after someone else when I can’t look after myself.”

She also claimed that she has “not stopped shaking” and has been suffering from nightmares.

The council, which owns the flat, was unable to provide the exact cost of the damage at this stage.

A spokeswoman said: “The extent of the damage to properties caused by last week’s incident is still being assessed.”

A 44-year-old man has appeared in court charged with criminal damage, malicious mischief and breach of the peace in connection with the police incident.

He is due in court again on April 10.

No plea has been entered at this stage.