Woman who lived on Gorgie street for 97 years dies

Jane Buckle was a devoted aunt and great aunt. Picture: Contributed
Jane Buckle was a devoted aunt and great aunt. Picture: Contributed
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SHE came into this world in Stewart Terrace and she stayed for the next 97 years.

In what may be a nationwide record, it has emerged Jane Buckle, who died last week, spent her life living in one Gorgie street – though she did reside in three different properties.

Her niece Marion Walker, 80, who lives in Livingston, said: “It probably seems odd to people nowadays that someone would want to stay in the same place for nearly 100 years, but Jane really loved the area and said she had so many great memories, all her memories really, of that street.

“She knew so many people and had so much family around. It really must be some sort of record – I’d be very interested to hear if anyone out there can beat it.”

As she grew older, Jane refused to leave the street where she had been born and where the love of her life – George, who passed away in 1981 – had carried her over the threshold.

Marion continued: “As the years passed, Jane was the only family member still living on Stewart Terrace and she did mention that she wished she knew more of her neighbours, but she was very firm that she would not go into a nursing home.

“She always said that she came into this world in Stewart Terrace and that’s where she would leave it.”

One of six children, Jane Weeks was born on January 27, 1916 in one of the top-floor flats at 13 Stewart Terrace to Marion and Alexander – Sandy – Weeks.

The family moved when Jane was still a young girl, but didn’t go very far, taking up residence in a first-floor flat in the same close.

Jane left school at the age of 14 and went to work for the laundry at St Cuthbert’s Co-operative on Chesser Avenue.

She continued working there until the age of 22, when she married George Buckle on July 7, 1938.

Marion said: “George worked as a slater and his studio was on Stewart Terrace. He made a very good living so I think he suggested that there was really no need for her to continue working, and she seemed happy with that.”

The newlyweds then moved into a home of their own – a matter of yards away next door.

Marion continued: “A flat came up right next door at number 15 and they jumped at it. People now would probably hate the idea of living next door to their in-laws, but George didn’t mind; his family lived in Gorgie, too. My mother Minnie and her husband George Chalmers stayed in Stewart Terrace after they were married, too, at number 23, although they moved when I was about four.”

Jane and George rented the first floor property at number 15 for the next 20 years, before buying it outright in 1958 for the princely sum of £175.

Tragedy struck in 1982 when George, who was still working at the age of 69, died after falling off a roof.

Marion said: “It was a terrible time for Jane, but the family really rallied round. Though Jane never had children of her own she was still very fond of them and was a very devoted auntie, great auntie and great-great auntie. She would always be surrounded by children at family events and they adored her.”

Jane will be laid to rest tomorrow.