World's oldest lemur celebrates at Five Sisters Zoo

WHEN a man hits the big 3-0, he is often said to be in his prime '“ but for adult lemurs it is a ripe old age.

Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 10:17 am
Updated Wednesday, 15th June 2016, 11:23 am
The perks of being the oldest Lemur in the world... treats. Picture: Contributed

Indeed, it was almost unheard of until this week when one popular resident of Five Sisters Zoo made the milestone.

Stumpy is thought to be the oldest captive ring-tailed lemur in the world – and remains king of the swingers despite a little arthritis is his hands.

He celebrated his birthday yesterday by tucking into a nutritious cake made from sugar-free jelly and dried fruit.

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Stumpy the Lemur celebrates his 30th birthday with a few friends. Picture: Contributed

Staff also draped his enclosure with birthday messages, gave him presents and sang happy birthday.

Lesley Coupar, of the West Calder attraction, said: “We believe him to be the oldest living captive ring-tailed lemur with official paperwork and no-one has ever said otherwise. We are just delighted to have him and his sons at the zoo. He is a favourite with both staff and visitors.

She added: “He is very easy going and loves to sunbathe. His favourite sweet treats are banana and sweet potato.

“He’s not the first to get to the food and often sits back while the others eat, but the staff make a fuss of him and he has his own special portion.”

Stumpy the Lemur celebrates his 30th birthday with a few friends. Picture: Contributed

Stumpy and his five sons came as surplus males from Edinburgh Zoo a decade ago. He was given his name because he lost part of his tail, possibly in a breeding fight.

Stumpy was born at Gatwick Zoo before being moved to a wildlife park in the Lake District in 2002, then to Edinburgh in 2003 and finally to Five Sisters in 2005, where he will live out his twilight years.