Yobs’ Stockbridge rampage

Stuart Miller of Northwood Letting inspects the damage to his window
Stuart Miller of Northwood Letting inspects the damage to his window
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vandals have gone on a wrecking spree in Stockbridge, smashing the windows of four shops in just one night.

Thousands of pounds worth of damage was done on Sunday night and in one case, two computers were also stolen.

Several shopkeepers said the damage appeared to have been done with a hammer.

Rhona Johnston, owner of Kiss the Fish crafts and gift shop in Dean Park Street, said: “I think it was about 4am, somebody went round smashing a few windows. They’ve done all three – two big windows and a door.

“A friend who lives over the road phoned to tell me what had happened. It didn’t go all the way through – it was toughened glass.

“I suppose ours is probably just under £1000 worth of damage, but hopefully the insurance will cover most of it.

“I was just a bit sad really. I’m glad they didn’t manage to get in, but when you work hard every little penny counts. It’s a shame to have to spend money on this, but at least nobody’s hurt.”

She said she had been forced to cancel a crafts class due to be held at the shop yesterday.

Also targeted was Capital Cartridges in Raeburn Place, where a window was smashed and goods taken from inside.

Owner Dougie Pilkington said: “I got a call at half-past seven in the morning to say that the window had been broken. We’ve had an iPad and an HP mini Netbook taken.

“They didn’t enter the building, they just smashed the window, it was quite thick gauge, so they obviously used a hammer or something.”

General manager of Northwood Letting in Dean Park Street, Hugh Logan, said all four of the property’s windows had been smashed.

He said: “I think we’ve had a couple of thousand pounds worth of damage. It looks like he used a hammer so three of them had a couple of hammer holes in each.”

Gerardo Alonzi, who runs a newsagent in Comely Bank Avenue, said: “We have one big window that was smashed. It’s supposed to be a very good area, Comely Bank.

“It’s never a good surprise when you get a call from the police in the early morning.

“It’s more just hooligans than somebody who had any intention to get in.”

A police spokeswoman said inquiries were ongoing.

She added: “We’re following a positive line of inquiry and one male has already been issued with a fixed penalty ticket for vandalism.”

Anyone with any information should contact police on 0131-311 3131, or Crimestoppers on 0800-555 111.