You can now get takeaways delivered to Portobello beach

Deliveroo will now accept delivery orders to UK beaches, and the on-demand food service has unveiled a beach clean-up operation alongside the new policy

Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 4:04 pm
Updated Tuesday, 29th May 2018, 4:06 pm
Picture: Edinburgh beaches will be part of Deliveroo's clean up policy, TSPL
Picture: Edinburgh beaches will be part of Deliveroo's clean up policy, TSPL

The delivery app has launched its Beach More Amazing scheme, which will visit a UK beach every weekend in June to run clean-up initiatives - offering beach visitors Deliveroo credit for buckets of rubbish they collect and hand in.

The scheme will begin on Brighton beach on June 2 and 3, before visiting Bournemouth, Southend, Edinburgh and Torquay over the following weekends.

The project has been launched with the support of Keep Britain Tidy, whose chief executive Allison Ogden-Newton said: “It’s wonderful that the warm weather brings everyone outdoors.

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“However, we estimate the cost of cleaning up is likely to be close to £1 billion a year, it is also extremely damaging to our environment. This campaign is a great reminder to us all that we can do our bit to help.”

The announcement comes amid increasing calls to limit the distribution of single-use plastics in an effort to cut down on waste polluting beaches and oceans.

Earlier this year, Deliveroo introduced measures to cut down on its use of plastic cutlery by asking users to request cutlery rather than automatically providing it in deliveries.

The firm was founded in 2013 and operates in more than 200 cities across 12 countries.

Deliveroo’s Joe Groves said: “It’s a rare occasion that us Brits get to enjoy a bit of beach time. These moments are special and deserve amazing food and drink to go with them.

“Thankfully our riders can now bring your favourite fresh dishes direct to your towel, so you don’t miss a second in the sunshine.”

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