You can’t call her madame says Fleiss

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A LOTHIANS woman charged with running a prostitution ring in the US has been mocked by a famous madame to the stars.

Heidi Fleiss, who used to provide high-class hookers to some of America’s top celebrities in the 1990s, described Anna Gristina – originally from Kirkliston – as “a pig farmer”. The 44-year-old is in custody over allegations she supplied girls to a range of clients over a 15-year period, making $10 million.

However, Fleiss suggested the charges surrounding Gristina were unfounded, adding that she was the premier madame in America.

She reportedly said: “She is no Hollywood madame. She probably runs some rinky-dink internet business.

“No-one knows anything about her. She’s meant to have Playboy and Penthouse models, but no-one’s seen one girl. I am the last madame ever, there will never be another. I wasn’t some woman on a pig farm.”