Young Lotto winner hits back at online bullies

Jane Park. Picture: Jane Barlow
Jane Park. Picture: Jane Barlow
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Teenage lottery winner Jane Park has vowed not to let trolls get her down after cruel Twitter users criticised her appearance on a television documentary.

The 19-year-old, from Niddrie, faced a tirade of abuse after Teenage Millionaire: The Year I Won The Lottery was shown across the UK on Monday night.

One viewer joked that the programme needed subtitles – while another said Jane’s story appeared to be a “Benefits Street spin-off”.

Another Twitter user said: “This goes to show money can’t buy you class.”

Jane admitted to the News that the “nasty” comments were hurtful – but said she was determined to brush them off.

And last night she went to watch her beloved Hibs play against Berwick Rangers in a bid to take her mind off things.

The documentary, which followed Jane’s first 18 months of life as a millionaire, shows the highs and lows of her new-found wealth.

In the film, she admits that winning the lottery made her feel lonely at times, and says that money could not buy happiness.

Jane, who splashed out on a boob job, bought a house, and spent months on holiday, also reveals in the programme that she got so lonely in her new East Lothian home that she moved back to Niddrie to live with her mum. She also opted for more modest trips to Benidorm and Magaluf rather than travelling further afield.

During the airing of the programme on Monday night, the teen initially took the harsh personal attacks in her stride, writing: “Haters are going to hate.”

However she told the News that it was difficult not to let the harsher comments get to her as the abuse continued.

She said: “Obviously it’s upsetting and I have been 
trying not to read it, but you’ve just got to brush it off. It’s hard, it’s nasty. Everyone was liking me when I won, telling me to stay grounded and not change, and now it’s like this.”

The teenager has been heartened by the messages of support she has received, however.

These included a tweet from Amy Robson, who said: “Fair play to the girl on teenage millionaire, she did most of the things I would do, I’d just choose different locations to go on holiday.”

And another viewer said: “Can’t believe all the jealous people on Twitter slating Jane Park on Teenage Millionaire. What’s wrong with Magaluf?”

Jane added: “Every time I put my phone down, I have got so many notifications saying ‘don’t let them get to you’. It’s just hard.”

To take her mind off things, Jane plans to have some retail therapy today.

Jane, who until recently was working part time at her local chip shop, the Marmaris Fry, because she was “bored”, made an emotional pledge to help make teenage cancer fighter Leon Rendle’s Florida dream come true earlier this year.

The EuroMillions winner was so moved by news that Leon’s hopes of a final holiday with his family were fading because of insurance red tape that she contacted the News to offer her help.

The down-to-earth teenager has also been working night shifts in a taxi office to help pass the time.