Your say: Edinburgh to introduce city-wide 20mph limit

File picture: Greg Macvean
File picture: Greg Macvean
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There’s only one topic in town today and that’s the decision to impose 20mph speed limits on 80 per cent of the city’s roads. Here’s a selection of your views...

• I can honestly say I was one of the 2700 to sign the petition and one of the 54 who objected directly to the council. I still believe this to be utterly pointless; a complete sham; and totally unenforceable. But that’s democracy for you . . .

Happier Bus Traveller

• It’s not democracy, as at no point have yes vs no votes been compared. We all know why the council will never again risk a referendum though.

Pending Consternation

• And I was one of the many people who expressed support at the original consultation. More people were in favour than against. If people confine their complaints to an anonymous newspaper forum then why complain if the formal consultation doesn’t go their way? You mean that the 6000 people clicking “like” on a Facebook page couldn’t be bothered going to the effort of registering their objection? I’m shocked. SHOCKED I tell you.


(Leave the sarcasm to us please.)

• 21 of the objections were NOT against the network but about specific streets (paragraph 3.4 in the report). Leaves only 33 objections against the idea in principle. Not much of a “backlash”, really. Perhaps most people are just basically OK with making the city nicer?

Stephan Matthiesen

• How arrogant is this authority to proclaim that only 54 objections were received to this proposal? Precisely what constitutes an objection anyway? Does the weight of opposition expressed to you over many, many consultations on this matter not count for anything?


• It won’t work and that is the truth of it.

4 dogs of the apocalypse

• The usual nutters on here will be foaming at the mouth. Despite the fact that you can’t actually do 30mph safely around most of the city they’ll be up in arms. The average speed of traffic in Edinburgh for most of the day is less than cycling speed, closer to 10mph than 20mph, but still they’ll be apoplectic.


(You know them so well.)

• Who will enforce it – an already depleted police force struggling to catch real criminals?


• You only have to drive through the Queens Park, which has been 20mph for some time now, to realise that nobody adheres to the 20 limit.

Dom Patrol

• Yet another complete waste of money from CEC at a time they are cutting services to people that really need them. It’s also noted that the roads that have the highest casualty rates are not included in this shambles, so that blows the whole “safety” issue out of the water.

Call me cynical

• I think it’s a daft idea but I’m not in the slightest surprised they are pushing forward with it. There’s nothing we can do to stop it going ahead so we should now be thinking of ways we can make it a resounding failure resulting in an embarrassing U-turn by the council.


• I have an account on eBay that is selling red flags and a hourly rate for a person to walk in front of your car – just to make sure you’re safe and don’t exceed the 20mph.


• Good news. Hopefully it will lead to people leaving their cars at home and taking alternative transport such as buses or even cycling. People will be healthier and it might go some way to easing the obesity crisis. Unfortunately, that probably wont happen. People are lazy and selfish. Oh well . . .

Talks Sense

(Happy New Year to you, too.)