Zoo escapes are ‘isolated incidents’

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ZOO chiefs have insisted that two animal escapes in recent weeks were “entirely unconnected and isolated incidents”.

The News told yesterday how a fight between two “Nazi cattle” led to a bull escaping from its enclosure when the animals smashed a hole in the fence.

An evacuation of the zoo began when an adult heck cattle bull got loose, and it was free for approximately 40 minutes before being shot with a tranquilliser dart.

One of the bulls later had to be put down due to injuries suffered in the battle.

It came after a scarlet ibis enjoyed six days of freedom last month after a squirrel chewed through its netting.

A zoo spokesman said: “The recent animal escapes at Edinburgh Zoo are entirely unconnected and isolated incidents.

“Our recent zoo licence inspection identified no safety issues in August, however, as a matter of course we also continually monitor our enclosures. The heck cattle enclosure has now been repaired.

“Members of the public have been safe at all times, however we do not take such occurrences lightly.”