Couple forced out of ‘dream home’ due to mould infestation

Jamie Gibson whose newly bought house has problems witth mould and cracking due to humidifiers. Picture; Toby WIlliams
Jamie Gibson whose newly bought house has problems witth mould and cracking due to humidifiers. Picture; Toby WIlliams
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A YOUNG couple have been forced to abandon their brand-new dream home after a mould infestation left them sick.

Jamie Gibson and Louise Robertson were ecstatic when they picked up the keys to their first home in June this year.

But just two weeks after moving in, their excitement was shattered as traces of the slimey living fungus began appearing throughout the two-bedroom house in Gorebridge.

The pair were left with no choice but to move out and have been living in temporary accommodation.

Doctors have also signed the pair off work after Louise’s asthma got worse and Jamie developed a skin rash.

Jamie, 24, who works with Aegon UK, described the last few months as a “nightmare”.

“Not only have we had to move out of the house, but both me and Louise have been signed off work for five weeks,” Jamie said. We are just so upset. Louise’s asthma has got a lot worse since the mould started to grow and I’ve got a skin rash.

“The people that came to examine the house said it was unsafe to live in.”

After small patches of mould started to appear in the 
new Taylor Wimpey home, built at the Arniston Vale development in Midlothian, Jamie phoned a site manager immediately.

Jamie said: “He came equipped with a three-in-one mould killer and he sprayed it over the affected parts.

“He basically told us this is quite common in new properties. But then a few weeks later the mould started growing in every room. It’s on our living room walls, behind the radiator, on the carpet, in our downstairs toilet, in our kitchen, in the bedrooms.

“Our upstairs bathroom is the worst – it originally began around the mirror but then spread around the whole room. We are devastated.”

Since the couple moved out, Taylor Wimpey has drafted in a specialist property care company to investigate the cause of the infestation.

They have now installed dehumidifiers to even out the moisture levels in the house and believe the couple will be able to return next week.

A spokesman for Taylor Wimpey said: “As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service and as a responsible home builder, we have taken the concerns raised by Mr Gibson at our development very seriously.

“We arranged for Mr Gibson and his partner to move into temporary accommodation, paid for by us, as soon as we were made aware of their situation. The property has been independently inspected by a specialist property care company.

“Their report has confirmed the presence of mould, however they have not yet been able to determine the cause.

“We have reassured Mr Gibson and his partner that we will continue to investigate this matter, however at this stage we have also advised the couple that we are unable to rule out other contributory factors unrelated to Taylor Wimpey.

“As a gesture of goodwill we have offered to redecorate the affected areas of the couples’ home, and clean all soft furnishings and carpets before the couple return to their home.

“We remain committed to reaching a solution.”