God wants us to have “great sex”, says East Lothian minister

The bible has been described as the world's best sex manual. Picture: Cate Gillon
The bible has been described as the world's best sex manual. Picture: Cate Gillon
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A PREACHER told a packed Sunday congregation in East Lothian that the Bible is the world’s best sex manual.

Senior minister Glenn Rogers also said during his service that “God wants us to have great sex”.

The unusual discussion took place at the Hope Church in Musselburgh, East Lothian, last Sunday as part of a summer programme.

Almost 100 people attended, ranging from teenagers to one woman in her 80s.

It was so successful that Glenn - a former atheist from Australia - is now encouraging other ministers to talk frankly about the taboo subject.

Glenn and his wife, Terri-Ann, decided to hold the talk to make Christianity “more exciting and relevant” as an antidote to the “hymn sandwich” format.

Instead of a traditional service, their Sunday mass began with the lights dimming and a band playing Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’.

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It was then followed by songs of worship, and then a 45 minute talk about all things sex including STDs, losing your virginity and pregnancy.

Mr Rogers said that he has only received positive feedback since the event, and now plans to hold similar talks in future.

He said: “Our society is saturated with sex. It is used to sell all sorts of things and is a significant part of 21st century life in Britain.

“To maintain the attitude of ‘no sex please, we’re British’ promotes ignorance, which is destructive.

“Jesus came to teach us how to have a successful life, the church exists to help people live a successful life, so why wouldn’t we talk about such a big issue?

“Sex is mentioned in every book of the Bible. The Bible is the best source for finding the principles of how to have great sex.”

He continued: “God thought up sex. He invented it and he wants us to have great sex.

“His principles are not meant to be rules to wreck our fun but how to have the best sex possible.”

When asked if he would encourage other churches to hold similar talks, he replied: “Yes, of course.

“We believe that people are destroyed for lack of knowledge, and sex is a big area of life that should not be ignored.”

He added: “It should be incredible to people when the Church is not addressing sex, rather than the church reinforcing a taboo which will reinforce ignorance.

“The level of ignorance about how to have great sex is astonishing to me.”

Upcoming installments in the ‘Seven Sundays of Summer’ program include a talk on ‘Success in relationships’, ‘Overcoming failure’ and ‘Securing your financial future’.

On the 17 July there will even be a performance from Australian singer/songwriter Levi McGrath as he embarks on his first UK tour.

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The Hope Church is part of the Assemblies of God in Scotland, which claims to be the sixth largest Christian movement in the world.

Their movement has doubled in size in Scotland in the last ten years and it is believed they will continue to grow, thanks to their contemporary approach to Christianity.

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