5 of the best ghost tours in Edinburgh

Greyfriars Kirkyard is home to the frightening Mackenzie Poltergeist
Greyfriars Kirkyard is home to the frightening Mackenzie Poltergeist
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Regarded as one of the most haunted cities in the world, Edinburgh isn't short of a good ghost story or two. Try these city walking tours if you're looking for a good value fright.

Free Ghost Tour

Every night on the Royal Mile a pair of free ghost tours are run by enthusiastic local guides. Theatrically told stories, complete with gruesome details and banshee-like screams from hosts make this a tour to remember.

The dark past of the Nor Loch, public torture, details of body snatching and Scottish folk tales are all covered in this super-natural tour.

More info: freeghosttour.com
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City of the Dead Haunted Graveyard Tour

Edinburgh is peppered with eerie graveyards, the majority of which are covered in this spine-chilling tour.

The most frightening tales are reserved for Greyfriars Kirkyard, home to the Mackenzie Poltergeist. Regarded as the "most dangerous poltergeist in the world" by some, this spirit has reportedly attacked tourists and locals several times in recent years. The tour is led by Jan-Andrew Henderson who has had several encounters with the supernatural menace.

Tours are run every evening at either 8.30pm or 9pm.

More info: cityofthedeadtours.com
The Terror Tour

Restricted to over 18s, this tour of arguably the city's most haunted spot isn't one for the faint-hearted. The haunted jaunt takes you through the Niddry Street Vaults and to a notorious stone circle. The stone circle was allegedly laid by witches to imprison a demonic spirit - those who enter the circle are said to wake up with scratches the following day. Tour guides will be more than happy to give you a fright if you feel brave enough to join this haunting tour.

Yours run nightly at 10pm

More info: auldreekietours.com
Ghost Bus Tour

If you want to see something strange in Edinburgh neighbourhoods, who are you going to call? Ghost Bus Tours of course.

Setting off from Waverley Bridge this four-wheeled tour takes you on a whistle stop trip of Edinburgh's most haunted sites, while eccentric conductors regale you with horrifying tales including; the Burke and Hare murders and the witch trials of the 16th and 17th centuries.

More info: theghostbustours.com
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Murder and Mystery Tour

Join the theatrical and deceased tour guide Adam Lyal on a suspense filled tour of Edinburgh's cobbled streets. Dressed in a black and red robe, with a deathly white face, Lyal revels in frightening tourists - and providing them with a chuckle or two.

Lyal's Murder and Mystery Tour gets underway every evening at 7pm.

More info: witcherytours.com