A first look inside Edinburgh’s Walking Dead themed bar

Inside the Walking Dead bar.
Inside the Walking Dead bar.
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WHAT would you do in a zombie apocalypse? Going on the run or hiding out are probably high up the list – but what about going for a drink?

Thankfully those in need of a little Dutch courage need look no further than New Town after a new bar opened its doors to offer refuge from the hoards of undead.

Host Rachel Carpenter is waiting for you.'' Picture: Neil Hanna

Host Rachel Carpenter is waiting for you.'' Picture: Neil Hanna

Inspired by the hit television show The Walking Dead, new pop-up Survive serves up the chance to get a first-hand taste of the programme’s post-apocalyptic world.

Tucked away at Howe Street venue One Below, the bar boasts an array of eye-catching decorations inspired by the series – and let’s just say the bar staff’s gruesome make-up is enough to scare all but the bravest of visitors.

Its arrival comes from the same Pop Up Geeks team behind the hugely successful Blood and Wine, which delighted Game of Thrones fans by bringing a slice of Westeros to life in the Capital.

Founder Linden Wilkinson said his team were really excited to bring their ideas to life, something he said was made easier by being a “big fan” of the show.

He said: “It’s definitely much easier for us to look at scenes surrounding stuff we really enjoy.

“It’s easier to get excited and passionate about the props when it’s something we are really into.

“Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead are two of my favourite shows on the TV and I’m a big fan of the source material behind them as well.

“They have a huge following. That’s what we want – a lot of people to get behind it and excited about the concept.”

Dead theme pop up bar Howe street, Edinburgh. 'Picture Ian Rutherford

Dead theme pop up bar Howe street, Edinburgh. 'Picture Ian Rutherford

With drinks served up in mess tins, food classed as rations and barbed wire everywhere you look, it doesn’t take visitors long to get into survival mode.

Those looking for refuge from the undead masses can enjoy a range of boilermaker drinks based on key moments from the show, as well as lessons given by characters as to how to survive.

Linden said: “It’s been interesting because with Game of Thrones there’s a lot of source material to fall back on with regard to drinks [but] with The Walking Dead that’s not there very much.

“We wanted to do drinks and cocktails inspired by major events from the comic and the show but we also wanted them to be things you could find after the apocalypse – not everything would be available.”

The Walking Dead bar in Edinburgh.

The Walking Dead bar in Edinburgh.

The Walking Dead is a television drama based on a zombie apocalypse-themed comic strip, with its eighth season set to get under way later this year.

In the show, lead character and sheriff’s deputy Rick Grimes awakens from a coma to discover a world overrun by zombies – commonly referred to in the programme as ‘walkers’.

He reunites with his family and goes on to become the leader of a group of survivors, with the show tracking their battle to stay alive.

Survive will be open every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday until the end of June at One Below, a venue beneath Howe Street bar Six Degrees North.