Anger over ‘eyesore’ slurry used to resurface pavement

Fergus and Moira Duncan are angry about the  horrible pavement in Craigmount View. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Fergus and Moira Duncan are angry about the horrible pavement in Craigmount View. Picture: Ian Georgeson
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CITY leaders have come under fire after efforts to resurface pavements with black “slurry” resulted in the work being botched and residents faced with an “ugly eyesore”.

Slurry surfacing as a footway treatment was approved last year but there are now calls for its use to be halted in order to prevent “further damage” being done to the Capital’s pavements.

Contractors who undertook such work in Craigmount View have been instructed to carry out repairs after a number of defects were reported afterwards.

Fergus Duncan, who has lived on the street for more than 30 years, said he was shocked not only by the work’s poor quality but also by the stark black appearance of the new material.

The 71-year-old retired bank worker said the slurry had been spread so thinly that weeds had broken through in days.

He said: “It’s right outside our house [but] I have found we are not the only street.

“It’s not rolled, it’s someone putting it on by hand. It’s so stark. All my friends who have seen it and visitors, no one can believe it.

“It just looks so dreadful compared to the road and pavement on the other side. It’s amazing the number of people who have said to me things like ‘I see they have done an underlay’. It looks like preparation work rather than a proper 

Mr Duncan added it was “amazing” the job had been signed off, saying: “Now would be the time to kill it before this gets rolled out all over.”

Slurry surfacing is typically around 6-10mm thick and is laid on top of a footway surface as a way to seal cracks and therefore extend the 
pavement’s life by preventing the entry of water.

But Mark Brown, Conservative councillor for Drum Brae/Gyle, said he was “perplexed” as to why the material had been deemed suitable.

He said: “It looks cheap and nasty, the quality of the workmanship leaves a lot to be desired and I pity the residents who are now faced with seeing this outside their front door every day.

“I find it somewhat incredible that these have been signed off as completed works and are checked by a clerk of works on a daily occurrence.

“There are trip hazards throughout and weeds are coming through the newly-laid surfaces already.”

Transport and environment convener Lesley Macinnes defended the use of slurry surfacing, saying it was a cost-effective and reliable method for resurfacing pavements.

But she added: “Unfortunately, a number of defects were identified in the works carried out at Craigmount View. The contractor has a responsibility, under the terms of the contract, to rectify these defects at no cost to the council and we have instructed them to carry out this work as a priority.

“An officer will monitor the work to ensure that it’s completed effectively.

“We apologise to residents for any disruption and inconvenience caused while these remedial works are undertaken.”