Care home worker who abused vulnerable children jailed

The High Court in Edinburgh
The High Court in Edinburgh

A paedophile who went from job to job in care homes abusing youngsters has been jailed for ten years.

Care worker Brian Dailey, 70, physically assaulted and sexually molested children he was supposed to be looking after during abuse spanning a decade.

A judge told the pensioner: “You have been convicted of five charges which involve the persistent, calculated, manipulative and predatory sexual abuse of two young boys and one teenage girl in relation to all of whom you were in a clear position of trust.”

Lord Armstrong said that the abuse inflicted on the boys included acts that would now be classified as rape and told the former councillor that he had callously robbed victims of their childhood.

The judge said that he took into account that the offences were historical in nature and Dailey’s current age, but added: “Nevertheless these crimes of which you have been convicted are disturbing.” Police were first alerted to Dailey as a predator 25 years ago when the girl victim revealed he targeted her for sexual abuse.

He was also investigated over abuse allegations at a different home six years later and reported to prosecutors but no action was taken at the time.

Dailey was finally brought to justice earlier this year at the High Court in Edinburgh when he was found guilty of three indecency offences against the boys and the girl and a further two charges of assaulting the boys.

One victim, who was in and out of mental hospitals throughout her adult life, told officers: “I feel Brian Dailey completely messed up my life and believe he is to blame for all the bad things that 
happened to me.”

Another victim, who was at a residential school in Edinburgh, said he had been given a luminous picture of the Virgin Mary by a nun and he looked at it and prayed to her after he was abused.

Dailey had originally denied a total of seven charges of indecent behaviour and assault involving five children during his earlier trial.

Dailey, formerly of Firhill Park, Edinburgh, was acquitted of two of the indecency charges against two boys on not proven verdicts but was found guilty of the other five offences.

He subjected his first victim to sexual abuse at a home in Lanark in 1973 and 1974 when the boy was aged ten and 11.

He carried out serious sex acts on the child and also attacked him and forced his head under water.

Dailey’s second victim was assaulted and sexually abused by him at a residential school run by an order of Catholic nuns in Edinburgh when he was aged seven and eight in 1974.

The third female victim was housed in a local authority children’s home in Edinburgh when she was subjected to repeated abuse from the age of 14 in 1982.

One man, now aged 50, told the court that he was abused by Dailey in the mid 1970s and described him as “a big, stern, bossy guy” when he first met him at a residential school in Edinburgh where he was employed by an order of Catholic nuns.