Child killer Robert Black in TV confession from beyond the grave

Robert Black in Peterhead prison
Robert Black in Peterhead prison

EVIL child killer Robert Black boasted of luring his victims to their death by promising them kittens, a TV documentary reveals

Black murdered four young girls, including Caroline Hogg, five, in Portobello before being finally caught in 1990.

A CBS Reality series, Voice of a Serial Killer, will broadcast on Wednesday his chilling confessions made during interviews with a counsellor.

Black, who was 68 when he died in prison last year, speculates about how he “would have” killed newspaper girl Genette Tate, 13.

He is widely believed to have been responsible for her murder in 1978 in Devon but died before he could stand trial.

Investigators believe he could have killed as many as 40 before he was caught abducting a six-year-old in Stow in the Borders.